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League’s Security Engineering teams are responsible for scaling security in the development lifecycle, ensuring applications are secure by design, and managing security incidents and response. We believe in security by design and follow a paved road philosophy by building or buying tools that we can integrate into our platform to ultimately make it easier for our engineers to do the right thing. As a DevSecOps Engineer you will care deeply about “what we build, how we build it, where it runs, and beyond”. You have peers in Security Engineering who care about “building secure applications” at League, your role is to ensure the correct processes are applied to our applications, and that the environment it lives in is secure. This role will focus on Secure Build, Deployment Gatekeeping, Secure Infrastructure, and Automated Reporting. DevSecOps Engineers on our DevSecOps team take pride in how fast and how far we can scale security. Security isn’t the last check before go-live, it’s baked into the Software Development Life  Cycle (SDLC). DevSecOps is a broad field; we don’t, and never will, expect anyone to be an expert in all areas. However we do expect individuals to be passionate, ask questions, and want to learn. Only together will we be successful.

As always, if this is your skillset we encourage you to apply. We also accept and encourage applicants who have existing software engineering experience and want to explore security and applicants who may have done a security program in a post-secondary institution. There are people across the engineering organization who are ready to help grow technical skills and who want to learn more about security.

In this role, you will be apart of a team that is responsible for:

  • Writing and possibly reviewing code, expect this to be a significant amount of your day

  • Collaborating in an Agile Software Team, attending ceremonies and building software together

  • Managing various tools and configurations in an “as code” way, being at the front of the Security as Code movement.

    • We have high expectations for repeatability and configurability, you will have similar.

    • You’ll be a candidate who sees the manual context of current security insufficient and should be more automation oriented.

  • Securing our Infrastructure via Infrastructure/Configuration as Code

  • Securing our Kubernetes footprint inside and out, including deployment

  • Securing and Reporting on our SDLC, ensuring quality

  • Authoring and distributing security controls integrated into pipeline tooling

  • Operating Security tooling (Snyk, Veracode, Wiz, Falco, OPA)

  • Working together with technical individuals in our security, platform, and product functions to drive security into their tools and processes

 About You:

  • You have a degree in a security, computer science or software engineering from a reputable post-secondary institution

  • You have between 1 and 5 years of experience within Cloud Security, DevSecOps, DevOps, Software Engineering or other

  • You are able to write code in Python, Go or similar higher level languages

  • You may have experience with a CSPM (Wiz, Snyk)

  • You may have knowledge regarding security tools (Sysdig, Snyk, Trivvy, Sonarqube)

  • You may have experience in one or more clouds. GCP, AWS, Azure, or similar

  • You may have contributed to or operated a Kubernetes Application stack

  • You may have experience with Serverless Eventing/Serving (Lambda, CloudRun, Knative)

  • You may have Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible) experience

  • You may have authored CICD pipelines (Github, Gitlab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Tekton)

  • You are generally aware of the end to end SDLC

  • You enjoy reading up on the latest security topics.

  • You are a collaborator at your core

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