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Listing Description

Students come to Udacity to learn new skills to help them land their dream jobs. It’s our job on the Content Team to create educational programs that deliver on this promise.

A Technical Content Quality Specialist is an engineer, business analyst, and teacher in one. You will be part of the content maintenance team program and ensure our Nanodegree programs deliver exceptional learning experiences to every student. You will be paired with industry experts to improve courses together. You will analyze student feedback to identify opportunities to improve, test solutions, and experiment with ways to improve the student experiences. You will examine content submissions from content contributor networks, prioritize and implement changes based on impact, and organize program updates. You will make improvements to the learning content based on a pedagogical review of the content and limited user feedback. 

We are seeking experience and knowledge in cloud services, specifically in AWS or Azure services. 


  • Prioritize and correct urgent content issues (e.g., bugs, exercises) with the goal to maintain Udacity’s course catalog at high quality.

  • Collaborate across teams of content developers, support engineers, and student support staff to identify and debug exercises.

  • Support the team in improving content to design effective learning experiences, managing and supporting them through the course improvement process.

  • Analyze student feedback, engagement, and progress reports across Udacity programs to develop actionable steps to improve the content using Udacity’s pedagogical best practices.

  • Review and approve content submissions from content contributor networks; ensure content improvements deliver the target outcomes.

  • Use data to identify potential areas of student challenge in program content and develop plans to address challenges and improve student outcomes.

  • Be proactive in developing ideas and implementing tools and solutions to scale maintenance tasks. 

What we value? 

  • Prior experience in technical content development, software development, or technical training.

  • Cloud-related skills include experience with AWS or Azure. Hands-on experience with IaC, DevOps tools, IAM policies, and setting up VMs, databases, functions, and web apps. 

  • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes and Docker are also desirable

  • Experience orchestrating Kubernetes clusters, creating Docker containers and writing Dockerfiles.

  • A strong foundation in core topics - OOPs, data structures, algorithms, databases, and SQL.

  • Very comfortable working with Linux machine and version control tools (git, Github).

  • Excellent English writing skills.

  • Understanding and debugging technical problems with code or published materials.

  • Experience managing small projects with creative and innovative solutions to automate.

  • Able to learn new material eagerly and independently.


  • Familiarity with project management tools. 

  • Completed an online course or Udacity Nanodegree program in one of the Udacity schools: School of Cloud, Data or Cybersecurity.

  • Basic to advanced AWS/Azure certifications.

  • Contributed to open-source code on Github or Kaggle.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment/ work in ambiguity.

  • Self-motivated, proactive team player with innovative ideas to seek team input.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Listing Details

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  • Education: Not Provided
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