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At Arrival, our team is creating best-in-class electric vehicles using a radical new method of design and production. We work with some of the world's leading businesses and governments to achieve our goal of redefining mobility and transport ecosystems, transforming how people and goods travel and enhancing urban environments for all communities.

Innovation, rapid development and testing help us to push the boundaries. Our New Method takes our portfolio of patented technologies created in-house, and combines it with assembly in Arrival Microfactories. It’s a groundbreaking approach, leading to products with maximum functionality, peak efficiency, and an elevated experience – at a much more competitive price than other electric vehicles, and even fossil fuel vehicles.


We are looking for a DevOps Lead to join the Connected Device Platform team as a head of DevOps group, which is responsible for the Cloud services of the platform in terms of reliable work and fast deployment/delivery. 

Your tasks will be:
  • Lead the team of DevOps engineers: 
  •   plan team activities (short-term planning and long-term roadmap);
  •   estimate tasks;
  •   help with requirements clarifying and its decomposition;
  •   supervise task execution and make sure that they will be completed on time;
  •   take part in technical research;
  •   take responsibility for product deployment support and a stable working environment.

  • Take part in the implementation of IaC, CI / CD processes, and automate everything done by hand - these are things without which our team cannot function normally.
  • Interact with internal customers of the DevOps team to make them happy :) - issue accesses, describe our infrastructure, and solve integration issues.

  • Our available technology stack:
  •     Python, Go, C++, C.
  •     GKE, AKS, EKS, K8S.
  •     Terraform, Helm.
  •     Gitlab CI, Jenkins.
  •     Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry.
  •     Nginx, Traefik, Istio.
  •     PostgreSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, ClickHouse.
  •     RabbitMQ, Kafka

  • We expect from you:
  • Experience with Linux for 5 years. System architecture, kernel modules, package management, bootloader, init systems, filesystems, disk handling, memory handling, process management, shell scripting, networking basics, Linux security basics, hardware configuration, working with Coreutils, and pretty much everything included in the standard set of any distribution. Most of what is in any Linux distribution should be familiar to you to perform your tasks effectively.
  • Experience in administration of mixed environments for 3 years. To diagnose and make the right decisions, you need a reasonably broad outlook - DNS server management, system configuration, work with popular network storages, SSH server configuration, OpenVPN, etc. Everything the system administrators of the past did should be familiar to you to diagnose problems and search for solutions on the Internet effectively. Other than network printers, no printers are needed.
  • Understanding how popular network protocols work - DNS, HTTP, SSL, SSH, TCP/UDP, IP, etc. Sufficient for diagnosing problems, building fault-tolerant systems, configuring network interfaces, and simple routing. You don't need to be a network guru.
  • Experience writing code in any interpreted language.
  • Experience building CI/CD processes for a project in any popular language.
  • Understanding how containers work in modern Linux systems. Docker images and containers are everything.
  • Experience with Git is required.
  • Ability to write and read in English.
  • At Arrival we want all of our employees to feel comfortable bringing their passion, creativity and individuality to work. We value all cultures, backgrounds and experiences, as we truly believe that diversity drives innovation. Join our mission to bring better, more sustainable transportation to communities around the world.

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